As many Foster Carer leads generated in 22 days as in the whole of 2019

As many Foster Carer leads generated in 22 days as in the whole of 2019!

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We were approached in late 2019 by a small independent fostering agency to provide support with their website, social media and general marketing.

We helped them update things and start a new strategy for 2020 and things were just getting going with some encouraging results when the Corona outbreak occurred. This put a block on a lot of their activities as they were usually held at public places like hospitals and libraries.

At first they thought this may put a stop on things. However Anthera came up with a new strategy of using Facebook and Instagram advertising to generate new enquiries. We created a range of new adverts and campaigns aimed at specific areas and target audiences.

The results since the end of March have already been amazing. We have generated as many leads between the 25th March and 15th April as the whole of 2019 put together. The quality of the leads also seems to be very high too, as the feedback is already good with many already moving forward to the assessment stage.

There are too many children in care in England and Wales, so if you or anyone you know is interested in Fostering and changing a child’s life, we would heartily recommend contacting a local fostering agency.