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Branding & Logo Design for Sally Jackson
Sally Jackson Branding Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design for Sally Jackson

Sally Jackson - Happiness, Health and Wealth

Sally Jackson is a qualified nurse who has turned her skills towards helping people with their health and happiness. She approached Anthera asking for help with her digital marketing and one of the first things we thought was that she needed to establish a brand.

A lot of people think of branding as logo design but that is only one small part of it and sometimes a very minimal part. We did create a logo for Sally but important elements were

  • the fonts – making sure they were friendly
  • the colours – a good blend, which set the right tone and also can be used in isolation or together
  •  the strapline – a powerful way of conveying the key messages and services that Sally offers – Happiness, Health and Wealth
  • imagery – the logo will rarely sit in isolation, so it will often be the messages and imagery used around the logo which sets the branding
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