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Devon & Bristol Website Design – Fostering Foundation – Foster Agency

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The Fostering Foundation is a small family run Fostering Agency based in Devon and Bristol

The new website was planned to be

  • easier to update
  • better for search engines
  • more of a marketing tool
  • linked to other systems

More easily updated

There have been more updates in recent weeks that the whole past two years.

Better for search engines

By creating specific location pages, building the site the right way and lots, lots more, the new website is already rising very well up the search engine rankings.

Acting as a marketing tool

We are now able to direct more people to the new website and it is already bring in more potential enquiries than the previous website.

Linked to other systems

We have integrated the website with Facebook, Email Marketing Software, Google My Business and other systems to save time and improve marketing.

To have a look at The Fostering Foundation website, please click here.