Email Marketing – still a powerful way of communicating with your customers

Email Marketing – still a powerful way of communicating with your customers

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Is email marketing dying or still valid for spreading your word?
We, at Anthera Marketing, have been marketing with emails pretty much since email started. The rules and the challenges have changed but the ultimate goals are still the same. Namely to comunicate with your customers and potential customers.

A retail success story though effective email marketing
The chart at the top of the page shows the online retail sales (in £s) for a client of Anthera for a 6 week period in 2017 (in yellow) and 2018 (in blue). Now you can see that sales in 2017 fluctuated up and down but didn’t vary that much. In 2018 it was a totally different story, there were some massive changes in the level of sales. So if we told you that we sent out three targeted emails during that 6 week period, do you think you can see when those emails went out?

Yes it is as obvious as that, the three emails were followed by a sharp increase in sales but two other factors were very much in evidence. At the start of the period sales were at a similar level to 2017 but by the end they were much higher. Each email newsletter was followed by a spike in sales but the subsequent days remained higher than the days which preceded the email.

Start with your email database
We will help you put together an email database, make sure it is GDPR compliant and help you to effectively generate more email addresses of people who want to hear from you.

Is GDPR a constraint?
In a word, no. If you follow GDPR properly you will generate an email database of people who genuinely want to hear from you. It is very much quality over quantity. It is much better to email 10 people who want to hear from you than 100 who don’t.

Setting up your emailing system and templates
We tend to use MailChimp but can work with other systems too, they are all fairly similar. It is important to import your data in the right way and also segment it, so that you can decide, if you want to, to send different messages to different contacts.

Creating the right email template is also important, it needs to look professional but also convey the message succinctly.

We can send the email or you can send it yourself
By creating email templates, we can make it easy for you to send your own emails out or we can do it for you.

Writing good copy and creating the right calls to action are also important, if you don’t get your message across quickly, people will move on.

So, is email marketing still alive and kicking?
Most definitely!

If you create an email database of truly interested parties, set up your emails correctly and write the right message, then the world can be your oyster.