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Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
Organic & PPC optimising for websites on Google, Bing, etc

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) based in Devon

Anthera Marketing’s SEO Experience

The Anthera Marketing team have been working with search engines ever since they first started, from the early days and now long forgotten search engines like Altavista and AskJeeves, through the modern day domination in the UK of Google.

We have seen the coming and development of things like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Analytics over the years.

SEO Strategy & Service 

We look at every client’s needs separately, there is not a one size fits all strategy. 

We discuss things fully with the client, look at your competition but also from other organisations in different industries.

We also do not look at organic and ppc search engine optimisation in isolation but as part of your wider marketing strategy and requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword Research, Brainstorming and Planning
  • Website Audit and Updates
  • Link / Directory Audit and Building
  • Copywriting and Content Planning
  • Social Media Research, Plan and Updates
  • Analytics Set Up and Monitoring
  • PPC Research and Set Up if Required

Search Engine Optimisation - Case Studies and Articles

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