Search Engine Optimisation Successful for Exeter & Torbay Debt Recovery Company

Search Engine Optimisation Successful for Exeter & Torbay Debt Recovery Company

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Veritas Legal, Exeter and Torbay based Debt Recovery Company
Veritas Legal approached us earlier this year to discuss their search engine rankings. They have been around a number of years and had seen their rankings drop down. We started a programme to work on certain key phrases and start generating new results.

SEO success much better than expected.
The results have been fabulous, the terms have all risen up the rankings on both Google and Bing, including quite a few no.1 spots. They have also been blessed with some “featured snippets” where the search engine feels that it is important to highlight that website as being an authority on that search term. This is a fantastic achievement in just a few months work.

Items included : business pages, all-star status, showcase pages, the power of good engagement, finding your own voice, etc.

Website updates and tweaks
Rather than building a whole new website, we have worked with the existing website developers to improve the website and make subtle tweaks to improve the rankings.

Social Media Updates
We have also increased the presence of Veritas Legal on some social media platforms, to make them be seen as an authority on that subject.

Business Directories & Reviews
We are also working on updating and adding Veritas on business directories and allowing more customers to review them.

Work in progress
The main thing is that we have just started, so we want to keep this moving forward and improve on things even more by adding more keyphrase success and building on what we have already.