The first in our series of Foster Carer interviews on behalf of The Fostering Foundation

We are carrying out a Foster Carer interviews on behalf of the Fostering Foundation based in the South West of England.

The idea is to get a great understanding on

their experience of the fostering process
their work backgrounds and how that might help them to foster
their personal backgrounds and how that relates to their reasons for fostering and empathy for their placements
their thoughts on The Fostering Foundation
The process is that we contact the carers by email first and then a follow up phone call. Finally we arrange a Zoom call, which we record. Anything recorded must be approved by the carer and the Fostering Foundation before being edited and added to YouTube, from where we can share on the website and social media accounts.

One interview can generate multiple video clips.

The series is already generating a lot of interest on social media.

The first foster carer interview was held last week with Debbie from West Devon

To see one of the clips, please click here