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Website Updates for Brite Services and New Content Managed Jobs Feature

Website Updates for Brite Services and New Content Managed Jobs Feature

Brite Services, Recruitment Agency in Newton Abbot, Devon

Brite Services are a recruitment agency based in Newton Abbot in South Devon. They needed to improve their Search Engine Optimisation but it quickly became apparent that some other changes needed to happen to their website first.

When we first started talking to Brite Services, their jobs looked like they were on their website but were actually on a third party URL. This meant that their website did not benefit from all this keyword rich content and also they did not have control over the content.

We therefore created a new system and templates for the team to add their own jobs to the website through the content management system. This is easy to do for all the team and they can also edit, renew and archive the vacancies.

The next stage was to add some new pages for the key job sectors that Brite Services cater for. We felt that a search facility was not necessary but separate pages for the job sectors enable website visitors to find what they are looking for more quickly and also for potential clients to understand the experience that Brite Services have.

We were surprised to find that Brite Services had no way of keeping their website visitors up to date with events and news. We therefore added a content managed news feature, which allows them to post details of events they are attending or have attended, company news or industry news. A latest news feature is also a benefit to search engines, as it adds more content and also allows search engines to see your website being updated.

The initial point of this was to improve the SEO of the Brite Services website. This is very much a work in progress but some of the things carried out (or to be carried out) include

  • Keyword brainstorming and research
  • Changes to page titles, to include keywords
  • Integration of vacancies into the Brite Services website
  • Addition of new job sector pages
  • Addition of latest news feature
  • Move to a secure domain (SSL) e.g. https:// (coming soon)
  • More changes to be made to the website – Coming Soon – many people make the mistake of making all their changes in one go, rather than letting the website evolve naturally and keeping the updates and changes going, which is much more effective.

Simon’s advice and guidance has been insightful and invaluable during the process of advancing our website and SEO; he has lead and controlled the improvement project expertly, while allowing us the freedom to maintain our preferred designs, layout and functionality.

Ben Sellick-Tague : Recruitment Consultant : Brite Services
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